Causes of heart infarction.

Stroke is the clinical picture caused by the death of a portion of the heart muscle. This occurs when completely obstructs a coronary artery. When the obstruction is removed the blood supply.

When heart muscle is deprived of oxygen for too long, the tissue dies and that area is not regenerated. The longer the attack, the more damage will suffer the heart and the better the chance of disease. As a result, rapid medical intervention is necessary to save the life of the person.

For the heart to function properly, the blood must flow through the coronary arteries. However, these narrowed arteries may hinder the circulation. If the heart is exposed to an overstress disturbance may occur and form a clot that can clog turn semiobstruida artery. This obstruction, stops the supply of blood to the cardiac muscle fibers. To stop receiving these fibers die blood irreversibly. The heart attack occurs when a blood clot (coronary thrombosis) blocks a narrowed artery.

Usually does not happen myocardial suddenly. You can get caused by arteriosclerosis, a prolonged process that narrows the coronary vessels.

Myocardial manifests with pain or pressure in the chest, feeling of exhaustion, fatigue, dizziness and pain or cramps in the left arm. Angina pectoris, which is a temporary tightness or pain that begins in the chest and sometimes extends into the upper body, usually precedes infarction.

Angina usually occurs when the heart requires a greater effort, when emotional stress or after eating a heavy meal because it requires a greater blood flow to digest. Angina occurs because the heart does not receive the necessary amount of oxygen and other substances. The fatty deposits clog the coronary arteries that surround and nourish the heart and is called atherosclerosis.



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