Hemophilia in the Royal Family Spain

We are aware of this disease in the royalty of Europe from Britain Leopoldo which was diagnosed as a child. Until her son was born, Queen Victoria did not know it was so dire disease carrier. When she was born, her father Ken Duke was an old man who dragged several diseases and some was suspected venereal and perhaps this was the reason that she was a carrier of hemophilia. Contrary to many publications this disease does not give relatives or cousins ​​intermarry.The women transmit and only occurs in males. Weaken the patient bleeds should save great care not to be hit and can not undergo operations for lack of blood clotting. There are three known types of hemophilia.

1. Hemophilia A: is an inherited disorder caused by a lack of factor VIII blood cougualación. For the poor quality of this factor the blood coagulation and stops bleeding.

2. Hemophilia B: it is hereditary and has lack of factor IX in the blood cougulación. With the low quality factor of the blood can not clot properly and does not control the bleeding.

3. Von Willebrand disease: is caused by a deficiency of the same name factor that prevents platelets from clumping together and adiéran to the walls of blood vessels, which is necessary for blood clotting. Hemophilia is no cure, only blood transfusions have eased the situation of the sick.



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