The most common diseases in the blood are:

-Anemia: Symptoms are fatigue and loss of vitality. Are direct consequences of a poor oxygen supply to the cells. The blood contains a low amount of hemoglobin.

-Leukemia: Leukemia is a cancer that affects the bone marrow cells, the body responsible for making blood. It is manifested by an increase in the number of white cells in the blood but unable to fight infections. Reduces the number of red blood cells and platelets.

-Hemophilia: An inherited disease that is manifested by the appearance of hemorrhage may be spontaneous or caused by a blow or injury. Is due to blood clotting. Platelets are responsible for initiating the clotting process, for this to occur normally takes 12 different substances, called clotting factors. In plasma of hemophiliacs lack any of these factors, so that clotting is much slower. It is necessary to inject the sick person factor that is lacking.



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